Revolutions in Science: Plato to NATO

HPSC-X 102 — Fall 2022

Domenico Bertoloni Meli
Hamilton Lugar School of Global & International Studies 1106
Days and Times
Monday/Wednesday 10:20A-11:10A
Course Description

This class provides an introduction to the history of the  sciences from Ancient Greece to contemporary issues. We will examine some of the major intellectual, social, and institutional transformations in the life and physical sciences, such as  the role of images in anatomy and natural history, the establishment of universities and scientific societies, the Copernican revolution, the invention of instruments such as the telescope and the microscope, Newton and universal gravity, Darwin and evolution, the discovery of the structure and role of DNA, and much else besides. While there are no pre-requisites to take this class, you will be expected to attend lectures and participate to discussion sections. 

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