History and Philosophy of Medicine

HPSC-X 305 — Fall 2020

Elisabeth Lloyd
Wylie Hall 115
Days and Times
MW 4:00 p.m. - 6:30 p.m., * class meets second eight weeks only
Course Description

We will study the history of medicine from the time of the Greeks to the 20th C. through reading the biographies of influential doctors, and at the same time study issues in contemporary public health and medicine, all taken from contemporary sources provided on Canvas. Our topics will include the issues of genetic diseases and predispositions: What does it mean to say that a person “has a gene for” heart disease or breast cancer? What are the medical and social ethics of smoking, alcohol use, and eating right? Are we completely free to choose these behaviors? Should we disallow large soft drinks? Other topics include the AIDS/HIV case as a modern crisis in public health, the effects of stress, declining sperm counts, defining mental illness, and whether vaccines are dangerous. Finally, we will consider new, emerging challenges to medicine and public health.

3 credits

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