History and Philosophy of Medicine

HPSC-X 305 — Fall 2021

Claudia Cristalli
Course Description

This course will cover key issues in past and present public health and medicine. Our topics will include concepts of disease and health, contagion and infection, diagnosis, and mental health. We will look at important nineteenth-century debates on the transmission of diseases, contagion and germ theory, consciousness and the human mind. We will engage with primary and secondary sources in immersive learning experiences such as role playing: What will you do if you had to decide how best to face a cholera outbreak in nineteenth-century London, without knowing how the disease spreads? How would you go about investigating consciousness and the human mind, without MRI scans? Through these activities, we will become better equipped to answer questions that are important in the medical and health sciences today, such as how do we test for something that we cannot see and what is the role that our social values play in decision processes about health and disease.

Above class meets second eight weeks only


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