Service Learning in Medical Humanities

HPSC-X 470 — Fall 2021

Leah Savion
Course Description

This final service course of the Medical Humanities Minor is an experiental educational experience, in which students participate in an organized service activity that meets community needs. The split of 20 service hours and 20 in-class studies is designed to allow practical applications of theoretical and conceptual aspects of medical humanities through first-hand experience with underserved communities. Students will gain real-world experience in relation to previous minor courses ‘content, achieve a broader appreciation of the discipline’s fundamental theories, practices, and civic responsibility. Discussions, reflections and analysis will enhance our ability to empathize, gain a deeper understanding of the social and psychological issues surrounding medical treatments, understand the mindset of the underserved and the vulnerable, and develop the skills required to reach rational and moral decisions regarding interactions of health care practitioners with those communities.

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