Advancing to candidacy

In conjunction with the professional development seminar, all graduate students will begin to develop an external funding proposal, aimed at obtaining funds for at least a semester, preferably for a year.

Ph.D. students must complete the external funding proposal as a prerequisite for admission to Ph.D. candidacy. It may be completed in tandem with the dissertation proposal and approved as part of the proposal defense, or it may be completed at an earlier stage and approved by the student’s advisory committee. Students will also be encouraged to submit their external funding proposal to an appropriate funding agency or foundation.

Upon completion of all the university and departmental requirements, a student can be advanced to candidacy. You must submit a formal application for candidacy through One.IU. Nomination to Candidacy for the Ph.D. Degree Application if you are a graduate student admitted to an IU Bloomington or IUPUI program.

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