Colloquium Series

Colloquium Series

Our Colloquium Series features talks by researchers on our campus and beyond. Stop by for the opportunity to learn about current research in the history and philosophy of science and medicine. Presentations are typically followed by questions and discussion.

2021-2022 Talks

September 30, 2021
Prof. Sabina Leonelli, University of Exeter, UK.
Time: 3:00 p.m. (talk via zoom) Title: Can - and should - philosophy help to “open” science?

October 7, 2021
HANSON PRESENTATION: Dan Li, Indiana University. Title: The Case of the Missing Tree Ring Hypothesis
Time: 4:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.
Location: Lindley Hall 125                 

October 14, 2021
GIERE LECTURE. Prof. Michela Massimi, University of Edinburgh, UK.
Time TBA (talk via zoom)Title: Perspectival realism, situated knowledge and multiculturalism in science

November 4, 2021
Elizabeth Schechter, Indiana University, Department of Philosophy and Cognitive Science Program
Time TBA

November 18, 2021
WESTFALL LECTURE. Prof. Christia Mercer, Columbia University, NYC.
Time TBA

December 2, 2021
Dr. Kate MacCord, Center for Regenerative Biology and Tissue Engineering Marine Biology Laboratory, Woods Hole, MA
Time TBA

January 20, 2022
Prof. and Chair, James Strick, Program in Science, Technology and Society 
Franklin and Marshall College, Lancaster, PA 
Time TBA

Elana Rakoff, Indiana University.
Date in January TBA

Prof. Allison Wylie, University of British Columbia, Canada.
Date in February TBA

March 10, 2022
John Rudolph, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Dept. of Curriculum and Instruction and Educational Policy Studies
Time TBA


2020-2021 Talks

September 10, 2020: Evan Arnet, Indiana University, Title: Conwy Lloyd Morgan, Methodology, and the Origins of Comparative Psychology

September 12, 2020: Becca Jackson, Indiana University, 4:30pm, Title: “The Uncertain Method of Drops”: How a Non-uniform Fluid Unit Survived the Century of Standardization

January 28, 2021: Claudia Cristalli, Indiana University, 4:30 pm, Title: The Philosophical Psychology of Charles S. Peirce. On the connection between perception, reason, and the logic of scientific inquiry

February 19, 2021: Professor Laura Franklin-Hall, NYU, 4:00 pm, Title: Genders as Historical Explanatory Kinds

February 25, 2021: Coffa Lecture, Professor Yemima Ben-Menahem, Hebrew University, 12:00 pm, Title: Lawlessness and Reduction

March 11, 2021: Professor Stephen Downes, University of Utah, 4:30 pm, Title: A History of the Heritability Coefficient Applied to Humans

March 18, 2021: Professor John Bickle, Mississippi State University, 4:30 pm, Title: Tinkering in the Lab

March 25, 2021: Professor Melinda Fagan, University of Utah, 4:30 pm, Title: Explanatory Particularism and Interdisciplinary Understanding

Cancelled: April 8, 2021: Westfall Lecture, Professor Christia Mercer, Columbia University, 4:30 pm, Title: TBA

April 15, 2021: Professor Anya Plutynski, Washington University St Louis, 4:30 pm, Title: On Adaptation in Mental Disorders & Somatic Disease: Why Defend a Pluralist View?

April 22, 2021: Professor Janella Baxter, Washington University St Louis, 4:30 pm, Title: Synthetic Biology is Changing Things – Just not in the Way You (Might) Think

April 29, 2021: Dr. Juliette Ferry-Danini, University of Toronto, 4:30 pm, Title: Why you have never heard of the drug Spasfon and what it can tell us about medicine

Spring 2020 Talks

January 23, 2020: Professor Rebecca Lave, Indiana University, Sycamore Hall 105, 4:00 p.m., Title: Can we save nature by selling it?

February 20, 2020 : Professor John Huss, University of Akron, Sycamore Hall 105, 4:00 p.m., Title: Mass Extinction, Narrative Closure, and Evidence 

February 27, 2020 : Professor Stuart Glennan, Butler University, Sycamore Hall 105, 4:00 p.m., Title: The Many Mechanisms of Natural Selection

March 5, 2020: Professor Stasa Milojevic, Indiana University, Sycamore Hall 105, 4:00 p.m., Title: Quantitative Studies of Science

March 12, 2020 : Greg Lusk, Michigan State University, Sycamore Hall 105, 4:00 pm., Title: Data for Users: A Democratic Account of Values in Science

Cancelled: March 30, 2020: Westfall Lecture, Professor Michael Stolberg, University of Würzburg, Hoagy Carmichael Room (Morrison Hall 006), 4:00 p.m., Title: Learned Medical Practice in the Sixteenth Century

Cancelled: April 2, 2020 : Professor Gunther Jikel, Indiana University, Sycamore Hall 105, 4:00 pm., Title: How to Remember Pennemunde?

Cancelled: April 9, 2020 : Coffa Lecture, Professor Alison Wylie, University of British Columbia, Hoagy Carmichael Room (Morrison Hall 006), 4:00 pm., Title: Complementary History and Philosophy of Science: Histories of Archaeology In and For Practice

Fall 2019 Talks

October 30, 2019: Continuity, Improvement, & Innovation in Experimental Methodology, Professor Hanne Andersen, Professor Uljana Feest, Professor Karin Nickelsen, Professor Raphael School, Professor Jackie Sullivan, Professor Andrea Woody, Woodburn Hall 200, Event Program 

To view photos from the workshop click here.

October 26, 2019: Women's Leadership Conference, Professor Helen Longino, Stanford University, Social Science and Research Commons, Event Program.

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