Graduate Student Conference

HPSC Graduate Student Conference

Each spring, our Graduate Student Association organizes a conference for students working on topics relating to the history and/or philosophy of science. The conference provides an opportunity for graduate students to share their work, make connections, and receive feedback from faculty and peers in a congenial environment.

2020 Graduate Conference: Event Canceled

Event Title: Scientifically Engaged History and Philosophy of Science Seminar

Location: Woodburn Hall 200 (Social Science Research Commons)

Date and time: April 4, 2020, 9:30AM-5:30PM

  • Co-teaching pedagogy across humanities and sciences
  • Empirical scientific training informing humanities research
  • Collaborative research between scientists and humanities scholars
  • Communicating humanities research to scientists
  • Grant co-writing across humanities and sciences

Ann Sophie Barwich (IU - Cognitive Science; History and Philosophy of Science and Medicine)

Greg Lusk (Michigan State University - Philosophy)

Eran Tal (McGill University – Philosophy)

Jutta Schickore (IU - History and Philosophy of Science and Medicine)

Roger Hangarter (IU - Biology)

Megan Murphy (IU - Biology)

2019 Graduate Conference

Professor Kristen Intemann
3rd IU Graduate Student Conference on the History and Philosophy of Science and Medicine