Medical Humanities Minor

Minor in Medical Humanities

Our interdisciplinary minor in Medical Humanities prepares you to have the competencies and skills required to conduct medical research responsibly, to collaborate and communicate effectively across social boundaries, engage effectively with the public, and develop critical empathy skills. You will acquire the conceptual tools and critical thinking skills for reflecting on and understanding the cultural, sociological, and ethical challenges of current medical practice.

Throughout the program, the focus is on applications of these skills to your future career. The tools acquired in the minor will be conducive to a successful career in a variety of health care positions outside academia, which require communication skills, and the appreciation of the interplay between medical expertise and the socio-economic and cultural challenges healthcare providers face in the 21st century. These careers include advisory roles in healthcare policy, careers in science communication within the biomedical sciences, administrative and coordinator positions in large medical institutes, and more. Because having a background in humanities is becoming an asset for medical school applicants, completing this minor will help you stand out among your peers.

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