Critical Medical Humanities

HPSC-X 125 — Fall 2021

Leah Savion
Course Description

Critical medical humanities offer an interdisciplinary and interprofessional approach to research the psychological and social effects of illness and treatments. The recent prominence of medical humanities in the academia aims at cultivating “medical citizens” in shaping the future medical culture as a democracy, where deep understanding of the less technical or measurable facets of medicine support fairness, individual and social justice, and a clinical rather than a business or sheer scientific framework.

This introductory course proposes an integrated model of collaboration between health professionals, educators, and patients, emphasizing communication and empathy, and illuminating risk assessment, prevalent misconceptions and biases, and ethical considerations in decision making of all involved. Topics include doctor-patient interaction, medical decision-making by individuals and medical organizations, medical myths and alternatives, ethical issues in medicine, mental disorders, and intellectual disabilities.

3 credits

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